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I am Mei-Jing, founder of Her Pure Source. I founded this company to build a community of women who are looking for self-growth through natural hand-picked lap tested products. I always struggled with finding the right CBD product, there are to many out on the market and it was extremely difficult to pick the right one. I noticed that there was a lack of companies in this health industry that focused on women CBD products.
Her Pure Source is a company build to bring plant-based solutions for women. We are here to empower women to find solutions to their headaches, lack of focus, PMS symptoms, hot flashes, anxiety, acne, insomnia, and many more through clinically tested solutions with just one ingredient... Hemp. Get your life back and find peace and self-love through our wonderful products and community that we have build for you.


We founded this company to cater to women who are looking for natural lab tested CBD products to help them find relief to their every day or any day symptoms. We encourage our users to blog and to create a strong community of women that are here to level up their lives. We are different because our website was built with our client in mind. We have made it super simple to find the exact product you are looking for depending on the symptoms you may have. If you cannot find your symptom, we have a customer service team that works 7 days a week to make sure you are taken care off. Customer care is our number one priority.

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