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How to make CBD part of your daily routine

How to make CBD part of your daily routine

CBD has had a huge popularity growth in the last few years. I have always been a fan of homeopathic health so I had to give it a try. When I first purchased my CBD drops.  I would take them whenever I was going to face a stressful day or felt overwhelmed. However, that did not give me the consistent results I was looking for. Therefore, I reached out to the Her Pure Source community and found other women who had gone through the same struggle as me. They told me that CBD drops are meant to be taken every day, that if I was looking for a quicker more short-term fix when I felt stressed, to try the vape pens instead. 

I wasn't really interested in smoking, so I made a plan to make sure I took my CBD every day. It was a matter of putting my bottle in a place where I would notice it every morning. So, I placed it next to my toothbrush. This worked great because as I was standing there brushing, I would see the bottle, which reminded me to take my drops after I was done. Eventually, I even purchased minty flavored drops to complete my morning routine. This was life changing. It got to the point where if the bottle was moved, I would recognize it and find it so I can take my drops. It was just a matter of finding what worked best for me, and I am glad I was able to incorporate CBD daily because now it is rare that I feel overwhelmed or stressed. My mood is a lot more consistent and I am able to take it on the day with a brighter smile and attitude.

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