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CBD is Helping me find Purpose and Passion

CBD is Helping me find Purpose and Passion

As a new 30-year-old I realized I needed to find stability, get a good job, and have a nice home. So, I did. I got a 9 to 5, built a comfortable home, and had a good little routine going every day. But after a year or so, I noticed the repetition was beginning to get the best of me. It was boring. I dreaded going to work, I did not feel motivated to clean my apartment, I didn’t try very hard to go out and meet people, I felt I was in limbo. Between a good place of having what I worked for, and a bad place, where I didn’t feel content or truly happy with myself. Then, my sister, a stay at home mom of 3, recommended I try CBD. So, I did my research and came across the Her Pure Source CBD community.

I ordered my first bottle and organized a plan of action. I knew the drops would help me stay focused on the things I needed to accomplish every day, at least that is what my sister said. But I also knew I needed to incorporate good habits. Some of which I had never been able to do consistently. Things that I liked to do but felt they were more of a chore than a hobby at the time. Like yoga, running, and gardening. So I knew I had to incorporate these every day along with my drops. The first day was a little weird because I was expecting big changes. Which didn’t happen, but one thing was different, I didn't feel as annoyed with my routine and was able to get myself up and go for a run, which felt great to do. I was able to stay focused and really enjoy it. The second day my legs were sore so I attempted yoga after work. Then I began to alternate these during the week and add gardening on the weekends. I felt great being able to finally stay committed to my hobbies. After a few weeks of CBD and doing the things I love, I began to have a different approach at work. I became more excited about it and challenged myself to learn something new every day. After about a month, I knew so much more at work, that I would stride in with confidence and willingness to help anyone who needed it. Everyday became more purposeful, and it was amazing to find passion in the things I do every day. 

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