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CBD Bath Bombs are a Game Changer!

CBD Bath Bombs are a Game Changer!

A few years ago when bath bombs became a trend, I knew I had to jump on it due to my love for baths. The most simple way of expressing self love. Grabbing my favorite book, and soaking in a scented bubble bath was my kind of Saturday night. However, when I got my hands on a bath bomb, I expected so much more. It was very cool at the beginning but then it stopped fizzing and not much happened after that. It seemed the hype was all about the reaction the bath bomb had on the water. Therefore, I was not impressed and went back to my scented baths. But then I got a personal trainer…

He challenged my body in ways I had never trained before. We worked muscles I never knew existed, so I was sore for days at a time. It wasn't until I heard of CBD bath bombs that I decided to give them another try. I knew I would have the relaxing bath time I was used to but was told that the CBD would help with my muscle soreness. Let me tell you, when I got into the bath this time, I experienced the cool fizz of the bath bomb, but then I noticed a soothing scent that set the tone for the experience I was about to have. Finally, as I soaked in there for just a few minutes I began to feel very calm and was back in my happy place. This time, however, was different because when I got out, my body felt so much more relaxed than it had ever felt after a bath. My muscles were not aching and it felt like I was rejuvenated. Not just mentally but physically as well. I did not expect such an amazing result from my Her Pure Source CBD bombs. They evolved my bath time, which is now not just for self love, but self care as well. 

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